Permanent Impressions of Indians near the Canyon

Jeep tours lead to granite hills riddled with caves. Here, an unknown prehistoric people created rock art. They carved images into the desert varnish, a reddish-brown coating that stains the boulders. The rock art dates back 10,000 years. Very little is known of the people. The most recent tribes were the Pia-Pias. They lived in the desert collecting seeds and roots and hunting small animals. They grounded seeds in morteros-grinding holes. They had no clothing or shoes and slept on the ground. Most of the rock art is very abstract geometric patterns. These are called petroglyphs and are etched in the the rock with hand tools. The more recent art (pictographs) are printed on the rock with red and black pigments and resemble humans. Take a virtualtour with our slideshow of the Indian Caves.


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