Don Jose

Horse back was the best way to enter Guadalupe Canyon in 1940. Jose Loya Murillo, the founder and owner of the hot springs, first entered the Canyon on horse back while searching for stray cows, with his sons, who were cattle ranchers. "Don" Jose soon discovered the healing benefits of the mineral water and realized the natural beauty of the palm oasis. At the age of 60, Don Jose gave up ranching and set up a homestead in the canyon. He built a handful of small hot tubs. He suffered from arthritis and found that bathing in the hot water cured his pain.

Don Jose lived to the age of 99 and died in 1997. His sons Arturo and Angel now run the campground.

The first road, which terminated one-half mile from the palm grove and bubbling geothermal waters was built by hand. Later a bulldozer finished the road. After 40 years of continuous occupancy the Mexican government finally granted title to the 1000-acre canyon. There are now over 20 beautiful hand-made tubs of river rock and cement. There is a small store and restaurant powered with solar and car batteries, along with propane for the stove. Huge, 100-pound blocks of ice are brought in by truck to keep the beer and food cold.


Arturo Loya , co-owner of Guadalupe Canyon operates the office and store and manages the camp. He still lives the ranch lifestyle and at 68 is going strong. Be prepared to laze around his store with the chickens and dogs.


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